vocals – Elian.Smit23
synths, drums & seq tracks – Gaston Meskens
music & lyrics – Gaston Meskens

weaving the web of
no return; 
insomnia catastrophe,
help for the poor,
incredible me.

In light of the fact that I
don’t deserve the privilege of
loving you,
(please) smoothly resurrect and 
bury my limbs, netted, 
encapsulate the lungs,
frozen, collapsed
for womb’s sake; 
brave apology.    

Simple feelings,
straight intentions;
from the roots.
Mellow feelings 
sad intentions;
doom reflections,
(…) underhate.

Run down, gaze back
Visit me in the world of crash
Frantic planes, obstacles
Sudden neglect after I had it all
Before you rammed
In a moment of sex
You are a frantic loser
And I don’t want you to come back